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Wellspring Services

Wellspring Mental Health is a small private practice with a goal of providing excellent, personalized care to childrenadolescents, and adults who can benefit from nurse practitioner (NP) managed care. Wellspring serves residents of the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas, a region that has a current shortage of psychiatric prescribers.

Wellspring serves patients and families who are willing to learn about their disorder, medication, and treatment so that they can actively participate in their care. Sometimes this is hard work, but Wellspring patients are committed to their health and willing to collaborate as an important member of the team.

You or your child will be accepted into practice once the provider has determined that this practice is likely to meet your needs. If you have certain complex psychiatric or medical problems that may be better served by a physician or a larger healthcare facility, you will be referred elsewhere.

Government regulations prohibit charging fees to Medicaid patients, so Wellspring cannot accommodate any patients with Medicaid. This includes even patients with secondary insurance, the ability to pay cash, or those who have Medicaid managed services through a private insurance company. This is government policy, not Wellspring, policy. 

Wellspring offers fee-for-service care and payment must be made when scheduling the appointment. Wellspring does not file any insurance claims. Patients will be provided with a receipt to file with their insurance provider, if they choose to do so. Fees for follow-up visits are determined by provider time, which includes documentation and time resolving any billing, pharmacy, or coordination of care issues. All fees apply to visits in the office, by telehealth, or by phone.

  • Initial Visit -- $250
  • Follow-up Therapy (with/without Medication Management, 60 min) -- $150
  • Follow-up Medication Management (30 min) -- $75
  • First Missed Initial Appointment* -- $100
  • Second Missed Initial Appointment* -- $250
  • Missed Follow-up* -- $50

*Wellspring Mental Health has a strict missed-appointment policy. For more information on that policy, please click here.

Wellspring Mental Health specializes in care for patients with the following problems:

  • Anxiety and posttraumatic (PTSD) disorders
  • Depression and bipolar disorders
  • Adjustment and grief issues
  • Behavioral problems in children and adolescents
  • Some psychotic disorders (on a case-by-case basis)
  • Medication management
    • With or without brief therapy
    • If you already have a therapist, Wellspring can provide just medication management
  • Some types of psychotherapy, including:
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Problem-focused therapy

Wellspring does NOT provide:

  • Prescription of Schedule II narcotics (including stimulants for ADHD), due to restrictions in Texas law. Wellspring DOES offer non-stimulant and behavioral treatment for ADHD and will work with a primary care physician who is willing to prescribe Schedule II medications.
  • Drug or substance abuse treatment, drug, or rehab services. Wellspring can provide care for patients with a primary psychiatric diagnosis and a substance abuse problem if the patient is actively in and committed to continuing substance abuse treatment. 
  • Pain management. Wellspring offers care for psychiatric problems when pain management is handled by the primary care or specialist provider.
  • Forensic psychiatric reports or court testimony for legal matters